With Brenda’s help, the Miquon School has been able to push so much more content to our stakeholders and supporters. She has been a seamless extension of our one-person communications shop, taking on several back-burner alumni interviews for our monthly e-newsletter with talent and ease, and managing all aspects of the interview process.

Reaching out to alumni and composing their profiles is very familiar ground for Brenda; she returned well-composed, high-quality stories that were at once compelling and insightful. However, what has impressed us the most is Brenda’s ability to universally capture the essence of the Miquon School experience from these alumni, with only a little background information on our program.

– Kristin Sanderson, Director of Communications, The Miquon School

Brenda is an exceptional writer and editor, and an excellent project manager. During her time at Chestnut Hill College, she juggled multiple roles as the editor and layout manager for the college magazine, the senior writer and editor for our development and media materials, the primary contact for all our press releases and the final editor for any copy that went through our office. She is a prolific writer who can always find a new perspective on a topic—no matter how many times she is asked to write about it! Her ability to successfully write copy for a range of formats, including newsletter articles, marketing text, letters to donors, press releases, grants and online content, ensured that all of our needs were met.

– Kristin Floyd
President, Communication First, LLC

Editing is not simply a matter of “change this comma to a semicolon,” or “you misspelled ‘cat.’ ” A good editor is much more: a guide, an instructor, a support system, and most important, a friend. When you sit at your keyboard and bleed, to misquote Hemingway, friends are hard to come by. You’re all alone out there swinging in the middle of a hurricane, generally in a state of pain rising. Anybody who purports to be an editor can help you with your grammar and spelling, but it takes a true professional with genuine empathy and emotional understanding to catch you when you’re about to be blown out to sea; and not just to throw you a life preserver, but to help you build a boat to navigate the deep, dark, frightening channels of your creativity. In working together on my books, Brenda has been all of that, and saved me more times that I can count. Without her, I’d be lost at sea.

– Rich Plinke
Author and owner of How To Sell The Plague, a sales training company

I really enjoyed working with Brenda. Having been a cabinet-level administrator for many years, who is often interviewed or asked to provide statements, there is always a fear that writers/reporters will distort what you say and/or write. But Brenda is great at capturing the full nature of someone’s comments in an interview. In her role as an editor, she made my writing stronger without changing my intent or losing my voice. This is a great skill set, and I believe that anyone who works with Brenda will find this to be true.

– Juliana Mosley
College Officer for Diversity & Inclusion
Chestnut Hill College • Philadelphia, PA

When I launched the new event rentals website for Chestnut Hill College, I was fortunate to have Brenda on my team. Not only did Brenda provide compelling and descriptive content that perfectly hit the mark, but she went above and beyond, editing the site with precision and detail, lending her keen eye for photography and consistently keeping me on schedule. The website proved to be a major success, generating a higher volume of sales than ever in the College’s history. Brenda’s integrity is admirable and her skill in copywriting and editing is impressive. She is a pleasure to work with and a true professional.

– Andrew (Drew) Westveer
Director of Conference and Event Services
Saint Joseph’s University • Philadelphia, PA

Brenda is a wonderful writer, editor, photographer and colleague. Whether it’s helping you plan an article or editing existing work, Brenda is always there as an insightful, guiding hand. Her photos tell engaging stories and leave you wanting more. Her writing engages readers and expertly conveys your mission and message. Any organization would be lucky to work with her.

– Fran Vorsky
Director of Alumni Engagement
College of St. Rose • Albany, NY

Brenda is great to work with. She is always a consummate professional who demonstrates flexibility and the ability to think outside the box when developing content. She is highly creative and never misses a deadline. I highly recommend Brenda for her writing, editing, photography and creative expertise.

– Trachanda Garcia
Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Haverford College • Haverford, PA

In the three+ years I worked with Brenda, she never missed a deadline and rarely got a detail wrong. I relied on Brenda to research, write, edit and produce high quality publications, and to treat our donors with care and respect.

– Susannah Coleman
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Chestnut Hill College • Philadelphia, PA

Brenda’s knowledge and direction have been, and continue to be, a gift in my professional written material. I do not know what I would do without her on my team. Anyone who hires Brenda will find she is a gem to work with on any project.

 – Cheyenne Mease
Owner, Health Heart Soul LLC

There are people in business—because of their enthusiastic diligence, cheerful manner on both “good and bad days,” attention to details, and sense of teamwork—you wish well on their career path. I can highly recommend Brenda for her sense of fairness, and I marvel at her tenacity. The quality and breadth of her work is outstanding.

– Gordon Hesse, APR
Writer, editor & communications consultant

Brenda’s a great editor to work with. Detail-oriented, on top of her schedule, and goes out of her way to assign stories to appropriate writers. Then she helps them really understand the nature of the assignment and to formulate a compelling story angle—all much appreciated by busy freelancers who just want to get the work done well!

– Mary Shafer
Copywriter & marketing consultant at The Word Forge

Brenda is a highly skilled writer and editor. I contacted her for editing needs, and found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. She was a pleasure to work with, understood my needs immediately, was very accommodating, and most importantly, she grasped my intent as a writer, and helped hone my words without changing my voice or what I wanted to convey.

– Jo Marie Victor
Director, Customer Experience