Local educator, inspirationalist and author, Cheyenne Mease, came to me several years ago, with handwritten notebooks and bits of paper in file boxes. She had the beginnings of an idea for a book, without the means to pull it all together. We worked on it together, crafting what became her pride and joy, Clarity Wisdom Harmony.

Do you have some basic copy—notes, or a bit of an idea—but can’t quite move off the starting block? Contact me!

I edit all types of publications, including books, articles, website content and more. Together, we’ll get the job done.

I have written eight young adult nonfiction books of my own. I can do the same for you as a ghostwriter, or edit what you’ve begun so it shines. I make your writing stronger by sharpening its clarity and your voice.

Simply put: I excel at cutting through the clutter to find the heart of a story. Whatever message you need to communicate, I can help you do it better, faster and more effectively. Call, click or text today. Let’s start turning your ideas into compelling copy now.

Brenda’s a great editor to work with. Detail-oriented, on top of her schedule, and goes out of her way to assign stories to appropriate writers. Then she helps them really understand the nature of the assignment and to formulate a compelling story angle—all much appreciated by busy freelancers who just want to get the work done well!

Mary Shafer
Freelance writer