My granddaughter was really taken with my book about Nefertiti.

A chance meeting years ago with the editor-in-chief of Chelsea House Publishers resulted in my first book project: a biography of Genghis Khan for the young adult book market. I learned that this market can be tricky. Just as adolescents walk a tightrope between childhood and adulthood, so must the writing done for them. I quickly mastered the right approach, and have since written eight books for Chelsea, which gave me the chance to combine my love of history with writing for inquisitive young people.

I’ve also edited and collaborated on several titles for the adult market.

Young Adult Books

October 2008
The Stock Market Crash
of 1929: The End
of Prosperity
Spring 2007
Edward Stratemeyer
January 2004
Genghis Khan
March 2003


Vladimir Putin
January 2007