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Brenda Lange, writer

Brenda Lange, Freelance Writer/Editor
Telling compelling stories that move readers.

Don’t struggle to create the perfect messaging. I can help.

We will work together to craft and target your story, effectively communicating fresh perspectives that get results while meeting your mission and brand objectives.

I am experienced in writing and editing:

  • Profiles/Biographies
  • Feature stories
  • Case studies
  • News releases
  • Web content
  • Advertisement/Advertorials
  • Brochures
  • White papers/Special reports
  • Ghostwriting
  • Solicitation/Donor engagement materials
  • Speeches
  • Annual reports

Effective storytelling sells—all copywriting is marketing in one form or another—whether it’s a product or an idea. Profiles, magazine and newsletter articles, case studies, books, ads, web content, news releases, donor engagement materials—I’ll help you target your messaging as if your business depends on it—and it does!

Together, we’ll regain perspective, determine the stories you want to tell and the format in which to communicate them, and create the perfect story to accomplish your goals while meeting your mission and brand. I bring the objective distance to help you see what’s missing, guide you toward a solution, then craft the version of your story that moves your readers to action.

With Brenda’s help, the Miquon School has been able to push so much more content to our stakeholders and supporters. She has been a seamless extension of our one-person communications shop, taking on alumni interviews for our monthly e-newsletter with talent and ease while managing all aspects of the interview process.

Reaching out to alumni and composing their profiles is familiar ground for Brenda; she returned well-composed, high-quality stories that were at once compelling and insightful.

– Kristin Sanderson
Director of Communications and Marketing, Miquon School • Philadelphia, PA